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As awareness of the problem of child sexual abuse has grown in the Orthodox community, more and more education is thankfully being offered to our children, schools, families, and more.


Unfortunately, this problem exists in our communities; however, the more light we shine upon it, the more we will banish the darkness.  K'nafayim is committed to the safety of our children and the integrity of our families, and to that end, we offer free sexual abuse prevention trainings for many kinds of groups, including:


  • Parents

  • Schools

  • Camp staff

  • Doctor’s offices

  • Daycares

  • …and more.

Summer Camp Staff Training!

Every year, K'nafayim will be offering a free abuse prevention training for camp staff. We will be covering how to recognize and respond to abuse, as well as what policies and behaviors should be expected at you camp to keep your campers protected from abuse.


If you would like your camp to be trained, contact us today!

Many Jewish communities and schools have already adopted Magen Yeladim's fantastic Safety Kid curriculum for preschool and elementary school age children. Connect with Respect picks up where Safety Kid leaves off, providing appropriate programming for middle schools that helps children develop proper interpersonal boundaries, learn about internet safety, and protect themselves from sexual abuse.


See the online prospectus here.


Contact us if you are interested in bringing Connect with Respect to your school or community.



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