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The number of people in our community who are stricken with addiction to internet pornography is astounding.  Every shul rav has stories to tell of fine, upstanding people who have come to them for help with this problem; and for every person who comes forward, there are certainly many more who do not, who are beyond ashamed of their problem yet cannot stop.


Viewing inappropriate materials is not only forbidden, of course, it is psychologically damaging.  More and more research is coming out describing how its effects on the brain are similar to that of heroin, how it negatively impacts relationships, and how it harms its viewers in other ways.


We believe that engaging in prevention efforts is critical to addressing this growing problem.  Avoiding an addiction is far easier than recovering from one.  We can come to your school, youth group, shul, or any other venue to speak about the dangers of inappropriate material on the internet.  This is not a scare tactic, nor a dvar Torah on why it is or isn’t the worst sin. It is simply information to help our youth understand why pornography should be avoided – for their own benefit, both immediately and in the future.


Contact us for more information on this important initiative.

Do You Need Help?

Are you struggling with an addiction to the internet?  Start here for help:




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