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Summer Camp Staff Training!

K'nafayim offers a free abuse prevention training for camp staff. We will be covering how to recognize and respond to abuse, as well as what policies and behaviors should be expected at you camp to keep your campers protected from abuse.


Please help us spread the word!

Dates & Locations TBA

In-Home Parent Training

With summer camp around the corner, it’s a perfect time to talk to your kids about keeping their bodies private and safe.  Knowing what to say, what words to use, and just how to be comfortable with it are not immediately obvious.  We can help you with all of the above.  Don’t avoid this important conversation out of awkwardness or embarrassment – let us help you gain the tools you need protect your children.


We will come out to your home, shul, or office at no charge – just gather a group of 5 or more people together and we’ll show up to teach you what you need to know!

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