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Forgot to turn your ringer off again?


Turns off your ringer when you walk into shul.*

Turns it back on automatically when you leave.

*Yes, you can set it to vibrate too.

Unfortunately, Apple does not allow apps to have this functionality.

Download the app: FREE

Join our mission to help the klal: PRICELESS

It's our new app! It may not help you find your beshert, or learn any parenting skills, or fix your marriage. But it's just one more way we're trying to contribute to the community - and maybe generate a little buzz and some donations as well.

SHTOK! is an app born out of a the thought that someone really ought to do something about all those phones going off in shul.  So here's one solution: SHTOK! will silence your phone when you walk into shul, and turn it back on when you leave. Nothing to remember, nothing to forget.

Give it a shot - let us know what you think - pass it on to a friend - and maybe consider donating a buck or two to help us out?

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