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Parenting is the toughest job you’ll ever have.  And somehow, everyone else makes it look easy, don’t they?  The truth is, being a parent challenges everyone.  If only children came with the manual attached!


We want to help you rise above the struggle and turn parenting into something you feel confident and excited about.  We don’t promise to make it easy – but we can give you practical tools and mindsets that will certainly make it easier.


Relying on the wisdom of Torah greats in modern and ancient times, as well as modern research, we teach you to how to handle the big and the small of childrearing.  If you’ve ever wondered how or struggled to

  • Get your kids to go to bed

  • Handle tantrums

  • Pass on your values

  • Manage dinnertime

  • Engage your kids religiously


…we can help!


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