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As the community continues to struggle with the ongoing shidduch crisis, we aim to address the "people crisis" that accompanies it. To wit, in many cases single men and women have difficulty finding a shidduch because they don't quite know what they're looking for. This in turn is often because they don't who they are themselves.


"The System" has long been criticized for being too one-size-fits-all. One of the consequences of this is that as our youth grow up, they are given little time or guidance to learn about themselves, their unique strengths and weaknesses, or their particular wants and needs. And if you don't know who you are, it is very difficult to figure out who would complement you best.


 K'nafayim's dating seminars aim to help singles learn about themselves and gain clarity on what they should be looking for in a shidduch -  one that would be best suited for them, not simply one that meets the usual checklist. And what goes onto that checklist anyway? 


Don't jump into the Parsha blindly; we'll teach you what you need to know for a successful (and short, IY"H!) dating career.

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