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Getting engaged launches you into a heady period of weeks or months filled with preparations and excitement.  You may see your chassan/kallah from time to time, or all the time, or not at all.  This is not much like marriage.  When you get married, you will find yourselves in each other’s company far more, and dealing with far more mundane issues than the guest list, like the shopping list and the laundry list.


Learning how to live as a couple is a new undertaking for us all.  Why wait until the arguments start to pop up to learn how to deal with them?  We offer pre-marital counseling to teach you and your chassan/kallah how to navigate the uncharted waters of couplehood. It’s an investment that is well worth the time and effort you’ll put into it.  We’ll help you get a head start on common issues that arise in marriages, such as:

  • Division of responsibilities

  • Financial planning

  • Family & in-laws

  • Resolving differences


Instead of figuring these out as you go along, why not give yourselves a leg up on these tricky topics and insure yourself against potential problems down the road?  We’re much happier to see clients for pre-marital counseling at the beginning rather than marital counseling in a year or 5 or 20.


This program is currently available for Baltimore residents only..

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