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The shoe drive is now over. Thanks for your support!

Did you know your shoes can support shalom bayis?

They can.

We are collecting used shoes (any style, any condition*) which will be repurposed and sent to micro-enterprise vendors in countries in the developing world. K'nafayim is paid for every pair of shoes we collect!


Donations are tax-deductible. Receipt available upon request.

*Yes, really. Shoes that are too far gone to be usable will be sent to be recycled instead of tossed in the trash.

How you can help:

  • Bring us your shoes!  Drop-off locations include:

  • Look through your family's closets and root out those old shoes.

  • Stop by your neighbors' houses and let them know about the shoe drive. If you collect 10 or more pairs of shoes, we'll come pick them up from you!

  • Mention this initiative to your co-workers.

  • Click here to set K'nafayim as your Amazon charity to receive a donation from Amazon for every purchase you make!

  •                     $1 right now!

What kind of shoes can I donate?

Any kind!  Well, almost.


DO bring:

  • Men's shoes

  • Women's shoes

  • Kid's shoes

  • Boots

  • Dress shoes

  • Running shoes

DON'T bring:

  • Ice skates

  • Roller skates

  • Shoes with holes, tears, or broken soles

  • Wet or moldy shoes

  • Single shoes

This fundraiser is being run in conjunction with Funds2Orgs.

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